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Southside Serenade

Get a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse of this Tampa band's photo shoot here.
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Viro & Rob Analyze

This DJ/producer duo has a huge worldwide following in the electronica scene, and their photo shoot flew by at 300bpm! Read more here.
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Anchor Atlantic

This band keeps the party rockin' all night long! Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at their photo shoot here.
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John Miseroy

Quite a bit of Photoshop trickery was required to pull off this Tampa guitarist's promo shoot. Get all the details here.
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Apparently this Riverview-based worship/rock band has a trashy side.
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Tim Riddle

We flew all the way over to Florence, Italy for this jazz guitarist's photo shoot.....or did we?? Find out here.
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DJ Rob Analyze

Go ahead...take a wild guess at the name of this DJ/producer's record label. ;)   More photos here.
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This Christian rock outfit is making some big strides in the local scene. More info here.
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Cristi Vale

A country crooner who's turning heads with more than just her music. Check out her other photos here.
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Some of this DJ/producer's beats are downright EXPLOSIVE! Find out more here.
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Zach Taylor Band

These Christian rockers are on a collision course with greatness. Read more here.
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These guys like to rock it for JC, and their following is about to get much bigger. Get the inside scoop here.
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