Tim Riddle

Tim Riddle (http://timriddleguitar.com) is a highly accomplished jazz guitarist in the Tampa area who is quickly ascending the ranks of the music world.  With multiple recordings under his belt and an upcoming opportunity to collaborate with the Music Director for legendary jazz/rock fusion band Blood, Sweat, and Tears (Steve Jankowski), Tim is obviously destined for big things.

I had a very specific look in mind for Tim's promo images, and after my usual pre-shoot consultation with him, we settled on a few key ideas. The first concept involved a very hi-def sort of look that relied heavily on a special lighting technique. I hadn't actually used this particular lighting setup before, and I purchased new equipment specifically to shoot Tim's promos using this style. After a few test shots and some minor tweaks & adjustments to the lighting, we managed to achieve precisely the look I was after. The only challenge after that was to find an appropriate background for the composite, and when I happened upon a certain shot of an old museum in Florence, Italy, I knew it was the one. I dropped in a new, dramatic-looking sky to complete the look, and below was the result. You absolutely HAVE to see the Before & After shot to gain a full appreciation for everything that went into this!

Tim Riddle by Tampa Band Photographer Russ Robinson

The following few images provided some different looks for Tim's upcoming website:


Tim Riddle by Tampa Band Photographer Russ Robinson Tim Riddle by Tampa Band Photographer Russ Robinson

Tim Riddle by Tampa Band Photographer Russ Robinson



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