Mariea Watkins

With over 20 years' experience in the music industry as a publisher, promoter, and songwriter, it's finally Mariea Watkins' turn to take center stage and share her gifts with the world.

Mariea came to me in January 2011 looking for a fresh, creative set of promo images to coincide with the release of her upcoming debut album, entitled "Soon". A gospel singer, songwriter, and church minister, Mariea has spent the vast majority of her career somewhat "behind the scenes," pouring her talents into countless other artists around her, and sharing her expertise to help them pursue their dreams. However, she recently came to the realization that if she didn't eventually allow herself to step out of the shadows and seize the moment, she might never get the opportunity. In other words, none of us are getting any younger-- so now's the time to shine!

In terms of the artistic direction for this shoot, Mariea came to me with a completely blank slate, trusting me solely on the strength of my portfolio. Working hand in hand with amazing makeup artist and stylist Nicole Fattori, we got to work....


As most of my fellow photographers will recognize, this first image was lit in "clamshell" style, with a softbox directly overhead and a reflector underneath for fill. It was processed in Photoshop to accentuate the bright, punchy colors, and make everything "pop" a little more:

Headshot of Mariea Watkins by Music Photographer Russ Robinson



This next image is a little triptych I put together for Mariea to show off the fun side of her charming, warm personality.

B&W Triptych of Mariea Watkins by Band Photographer Russ Robinson


And lastly, here's a composite I put together by adding a bokeh texture, and warming the entire image with a Photo Filter in Photoshop. Definitely my favorite from the session, as I think it gives Mariea a beautiful, glowing appearance.

Mariea Watkins Composite with Bokeh Texture by Music Photographer Russ Robinson



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